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Thread: Custom H100?

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    Custom H100?

    Took delivery of a barebones system last week, and part of the order was an H100 water cooler. What was delivered looks like the pump of an H60 (no fan connectors or control button on the block) connected to a 240mm radiator and fan. When I say "looks like", I mean exactly like, down to the shiny cap on the top of the pump.

    I contacted the vendor to complain and their response was that they have worked closely with Corsair to create a custom OEM H100 and this is what I received.

    Basically I have 2 questions:

    1). Do Corsair do such things ie. cooperate with vendors to create a custom OEM device? I have looked (google) and found no evidence to support this claim.
    2). By taking away onboard fan control from the water pump, how can this be an H100 cooler? Surely it's a custom H60 rather than custom H100 ie. the H60 pump is connected to an H100 radiator and fan.

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    Re: Custom H100?

    Just a quick update and clarification on this:

    I've just spoken with our Corsair rep in the UK and he has confirmed that the customised 3XS version of the H100 (along with several other products that we sell) are officially supplied by Corsair to Scan for use with our 3XS bundles and PCs.

    As mentioned in my post in the other thread regarding this issue we've also amended the text description on our website to make this clearer.

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