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Thread: water Cooling setup spec please

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    water Cooling setup spec please

    I am only looking for a cpu only cooling setup for now. I have a budget upto about 150. Any recommendations? Oh I'm after a 240 rad to fit a corsair 300r so will prob need a slight mod. Bit fussed if it's a kit or separate components

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    Re: water Cooling setup spec please

    I would recommend going for an AIO cooler that has a 120 spec rad like the H80i and such. BUT, coolers that has 240 rad like an H100i is still doable, you'd just need to consider a couple of factors such as VRM heatsinks for radiator clearance to make it fit. Check out this thread, it'll probably give you an idea what to look for,

    AIO cooler would still be the way to go if you want something that requires little to zero maintenance at all. Ease of installation is definitely a plus vs a customer water cooling.

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