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Thread: No response to tech support query on 700D issues

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    No response to tech support query on 700D issues


    I emailed Corsair technical support a couple of days ago about issues I am experiencing with my new 700D system chassis, but am not getting a response. I've also tried the Corsair support forums, but it seems the main support contributors are not as active these days and I still haven't had my problem solved. As a result, I'm posting here in hope of receiving advice on the issues.

    Firstly, I'm having problems with the side door (the one you'd use to gain access to your components, not the one behind the mobo). At the bottom, the panel is a little loose and will rattle when there is enough vibration from fans inside the case. The problem occurs with both side panels, but only on that side. Does this mean I have a faulty case?

    Secondly, the dust filter seems to be incredibly restrictive. That, and it is not "pulled tight" in the frame. Won't this have a significant adverse effect on the airflow?


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    Re: No response to tech support query on 700D issues

    dust filters will restrict airflow, it may not be the best design but it does help, if its tight it will stop the airflow if you forget to clean it, at least a loose fit allows air to get round a blocked filter imo.

    as for the case the side panel may have bent the locating guides (easy done it you let the case open and swing down) , you can either try to press it back down by placing on a flat hard surface to remove some of the gap with a flat object or pack it out with something to remove the rattle.

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