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Thread: corsair value ram problem

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    corsair value ram problem

    i think at least one of my two sticks of corsair value ram has gone bad.
    i have two 512mb corsair value ram sticks
    sometimes my pc runs perfectly like lastnight but then i had to reboot due to the dvd driver not opening (i will check the cables later)
    after the reboot i had opera crash and in the event log there was an entry showing the bad memory address.
    i will link to my thread on another forum later.
    i dont know why else sometimes programs would crash for no reason when nothing to the system has changed.
    recently ive had avp.exe crash a few times rnaodmly and same with opera.
    its getting more fregent.
    but most of the time the pc runs flawlessly.
    sometimeswhen i log off another account before i log in to mine it starts to load my account but it reboots instead.
    also sometimes it gets stuck on saving you settings...
    so hence why i think every so often it hits the bad memory and causes crashes.

    pc specs.
    asus K8N-E deluxe socket 754
    Hiper PSU
    AMD 3200 64 bit
    creative Audigy 2 ZS
    ati radeon 9800 all in wonder graphics AGP

    if they are faulty what proformance ram do you surgest for my mobo?
    some knids of xms would be nice

    thanks in advance
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