Iced Baileys and Amaretti Soufflé

Serves 4

1/4 lt orange juice
5 tbs. sugar
8 Amaretti biscuits
50 ml Bailey's
4 tsp. flaked almonds
3/4 pt double cream
Cocoa powder for dusting.


In a heavy based pan boil the orange juice with 4 tbs. of sugar and allow to reduce until syrupy. Cool well.

Surround 4 ramekin moulds with paper collars, about 1/2" above the rim of the ramekins.

Crumble an amaretti biscuit into the bottom of each ramekin, then drizzle 1/2 a capful of Baileys into each one.

In a dry pan toast the flaked almonds until golden brown.

Whisk the double cream with 1 tbs. of sugar and the orange syrup until soft peaks are formed by the whisk.

Fold in the cooled, toasted almond flakes.

Fill each ramekin with the mixture, leaving a 1/4" gap at the top of each ramekin.

Whisk the remaining double cream with the remaining Bailey's, then crush the remaining amaretti biscuits and fold them into the Bailey's mixture.

Spoon this over the top of the ramekins, using the collar to support it above the rims.

Transfer the ramekins to the freezer and chill for two hours.

To serve, dust each one with cocoa powder, remove the collars and enjoy!

Note: If frozen longer than two hours then allow to defrost at room temperature for 10 minutes before serving.