This is the nicest chocolate brownie i have ever had

Sorry about the imperial measurements but I was taught by my Mum who has no idea what metric is!!

Roughly 1 ounce (oz) is equal to 28 grams

For the cake:

4 oz margarine or unsalted butter
2 oz cocoa powder
2 eggs, beaten
8 oz caster sugar
1/2 level teaspoon of vanilla essence (water will do if you dont have any)
2 oz Self raising flour


3 oz milk chocolate (dairy milk is best)
2 oz golden syrup

Preheat the oven to Gas mark 4/180C/350F.

Grease and line an 8 inch (20cm) cake tin.

Melt the marg or butter in a bowl in the microwave or over a pan of simmering water.
When melted stir in the cocoa pwder until there are no lumps.

Add the remaining cake ingredients one at a time, beating thoroughly after adding each one.

Place mixture into the prepared cake tin and level the surface.

Bake for approx 30 mins until when pressed lightly in the centre it springs back. if it isnt done put back in the oven for 5 mins and then check again.

To make the topping put the syrup and chocolate in a bowl and melt either in the microwave or over a pan of simmering water. Beat well and pour over the cake.

Eat it and enjoy

This also fills your house with a gorgeous smell of baking and i find it makes my boyfriend that little bit eager to help with chores!!!