This is great to make if you have kiddies

Makes quite a lot - ive not really measured it cos usually i eat half the mixture whilst making them!!

6 x 54 g mars bars (the normal size) or 9 snack size mars bars
4 oz unsalted butter or margarine
lots of rice crispies
muffin cases to serve
mini eggs (if its the 3 month period between Christmas & Easter when theyre sold)

Cut up the mars bars into small pieces and place with the butter into a large saucepan (you need lots of room to stir inthe rice crispies).

Melt them together over a very low heat (I tried this in a bowl in the microwave and it just doesnt work as well i found).

Remove from the heat and stir in enough rice crispies so they are well covered. If in dount add less or itll feel like youre eating dry cereal!!! i find that taste testing here is essential!

Place a dessert spoonful into each muffin case and then eat them.

They keep well in the fridge - just let them warm up to room temp before eating