Hi all,

I'm looking to upgrade from my Fujitsu XL3220T with a low input lag and "better visuals" monitor. I'm also a rather power consumption conscious person so would like energy savings where possible.
I'm looking for a 23-24" monitor, where the PPI is reasonably high enough for a small dot pitch, has either two HDMI (or one DP and one HDMI port).

I have initially tried the Asus VP278H, which in my opinion, although had low input lag, its picture was absolutely horrid coming from a 21.5" monitor.

Use is generally for everyday browsing, and non-competitive gaming (Fallout 4, SFV and RE5).

So after the pixelated 27" experience (which I've returned), I've my eyes currently on the Asus VX238H and the Iiyama XU2492HSU, although the Asus VX239H could slot in due to its similar build to the VX238H.

I first have my eyes on the Asus VX238H, which seems to have a relatively large user base, is even on the DisplayLag database, has 1ms grey-to-grey response time and two HDMI inputs.

The next one that caught my was the Iiyama XU2492HSU, which has amazingly low power consumption and very thin bezels, IPS panel and plenty of ports and even a USB hub.

Currently I have is a Fujitsu Amilo XL3220T, a 1080p 21.5" TN panel, 2ms GTG response time. I've lightly measured the input latency with a regular camera, cloning my laptop display (1366x768), and I think the latency is around 12-24ms. I'm not entirely sure on the input lag on my Fujitsu, but having played SFV (PS4) on my Samsung 50" JU6800 then SFV on PC, I can definitely tell there's less lag on PC - IDK, maybe it's simply because it's PC and using a wired controller.

Right at the moment, I'm torn between those two monitors, I'm liking how it's practically a safe bet for the VX238H for the low input lag and 1ms response time. However, I'm seeing the Iiyama and would love the larger screen and not even use up much space compared to my Fujitsu, thanks to its thin bezels. Also I love it being an IPS panel, has low power consumption (at least on paper) and the added bonus of a DisplayPort and USB hub.
What scares me on the Iiyama (being IPS) has 5ms (GTG) response time, and there are no reviews or any measurement of its input latency. I really want to get the Iiyama but I'm afraid I might be getting worse experience since there's no testing on the input lag and afraid I might see ghosting and artifacts since I coming from a 2ms response time monitor.

So to list my pros and cons of the two monitors....
Asus VX238H
Pro: low 10ms input lag, 1ms response time, an A energy rating, thin profile.
Con: thicker bezels than Iiyama, only £9 less than Iiyama

Iiyama XU2492HSU
Pro: IPS panel, thin bezels, A+ energy rating, USB hub
Con: 5ms response time, input lag unknown

I have looked at the Zowie RL2455, but I just don't like the power consumption, build profile and price relative to the two above.

So can anyone shed any light on this comparison? Would I be better with the Iiyama or the Asus? Is 2ms and 5ms a big difference in terms of ghosting, detail and picture quality?
Or perhaps can anyone recommend a 23-24" monitor of similar calibre to the above for £150 or less?