I'm swapping out some monitors on a dual head setup.

I have an annoying requirement in the modern day monitors, I need

a.) mini-display port / display port / hdmi connectivity for one monitor
b.) the best possible response time on the other

I have found the Dell U2717D is actually pretty much what I want, and looks great value and offers really thin boarding which is great for dual head, BUT the S2716DG appears to be the "gaming" version of the same monitor. So in an ideal world I'd have just bought 2 x U2717D they are reasonable price, or 2 x S2716DG and have the slightly higher performance on both monitors, however the S2716DG does not have the inputs I require, but I only require those inputs on one monitor, so I'm thinking if the two monitors are visually the same (same bezzels sizes etc) and would look identical next to each other, I could get 1 x S2716DG and 1 x U2717D and use them next to each other, however if they don't look the same and create an "odd" visual experience then the technical details behind them get lost.

it seems impossible to visually compare these anywhere, so I'm curious to if anyone has compared them or has the ability to visually compare them ?