Hi all,

My first post on Hexus so hello

I have an MSI MPG27CQ which is working out to be a great monitor for my needs. Mostly day to day desktop stuff with Flight Sim (X-Plane), Gaming and Music software.

Thing is, a lot of people have reported that it works fine with G-Sync enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel.
Mine has a back light flicker when G-Sync enabled though not massively bad.

The specs are Freesync 48-144hz with LFC.
Have read that sometimes monitors flicker with Freesysnc when there are big jumps in the Hz but I don't have a Freesync card to test if it does it then.

Anyone else have this monitor or the Samsung equivalent and have flicker. It's a Samsung curved VA panel.

PC specs: 8700k, 1080Ti, 32GB Ram.

Thanks all for reading my first post!