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Thread: New GeForce 570 won't stay powered up

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    New GeForce 570 won't stay powered up

    My son bought components to build a new system.
    GeForce 570 SLIT-A MB
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe Processor
    Biostar GeForce 7950GT video card
    OCZ GameXtreme 700 watt power supply
    Seagate 320gb HD

    After plugging the components together (he assmbles systems for the college he attends), we have a power/BIOS problem.

    If you turn the system on and just let it set, it will power down after a few minutes. If you go into the BIOS to set the time/date/etc, and try to save your settings, the system will power down. We have tried both 20 and 24 pin power, both come up, both eventually power down.

    Any thoughts?

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    Check the heatsink block! It sounds like it has no contact to the CPUs heatspreader. Did you remove the black plastic on top of the socket?

    The Board only automatically turns of if your CPU is defective or is overheating.

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