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HEXUS is an English language forum, and all posts MUST be in English.Moderators reserve the right to remove posts in any other language without reference to the poster.


This FAQ is the master copy of HEXUS rules. Some individual forums may have additional requirements, and those will be in a Sticky in the relevant forum. Please note that each member is expected to keep themselves up-to-date with the rules, and doing so is condition of continued forum usage. We will usually post a notification of changes in General Discussion, but this copy is the final reference.

The HEXUS team have to maintain an element of control over what happens on the forums. We try to exercise a light hand in this, but ultimately, the decisions of the Admin team are final, and we may not (perhaps for legal reasons) always be able to explain the reasons for those decisions.

If you feel you are being treated unfairly by a Mod or Admin, please refer it to another Admin. The final decision lies with the forum owner.


Swearing is unacceptable on HEXUS. Please do not do it. We will be handing out warnings on a new system now and this will revoke your access if you consistently offend.

It’s very easy to have a conversation and not be rude or abusive, so tone down the language if you are guilty of this. There will be no exceptions for this – it’s a family forum, words such as crap, etc. are acceptable, but derogatory and rude words are not.

Many unacceptable words are in the swear filter anyway, and so will not appear on the forum if used anyway. But if people star out parts of words, we WILL construe that as a deliberate attempt to bypass both our rules and our intent, and will deal with it in that light. If you have to star out a word or any letters in it, then you should not be saying it. Find another way to express yourself.

Swearing is always a difficult subject to create rules on, since what is or is not swearing is subjective, and different people will have different opinions.

So our guideline is …. Please don’t do it.

In summary, please note :-

· Starring out words is not acceptable

· Starring out some letters in unacceptable words is not acceptable

Updated - 6th September 2008

Attitude and Behaviour

We aim to keep the atmosphere in the forum polite, and suitable for members of all ages. To achieve this, we expect and require all members to observe certain standards of behaviour.

Threatening, insulting and abusive posts will not be tolerated. Please treat other members courteously and respectfully.

If you feel someone is acting unreasonably towards you, please refer it to a moderator and do NOT respond in kind. We know this can be hard, but please try. We’d much prefer to keep such incidents to the minimum rather than try to sort out a flaming session afterwards.

Also, if you see a member acting unreasonably towards another member, please report it to a moderator rather than jumping in yourself. If a flame war erupts, and you’ve participated, you may end up facing the consequences even if you didn’t start things.


Unauthorised advertising is expressly prohibited.

This applies not only to advertising by commercial organisations, but to individuals “pimping” their own websites.

Commercial advertising posts will be treated as spamming, and the posts will be removed and the user banned without warning.

In the case of the latter, please ask a Moderator or Admin for permission. We will request permission from the forum owner and advise you accordingly.

Commercial organisations wishing to advertise should contact the relevant advertising contact (for the UK and global, or USA and Canada, or Asia respectively) using the Advertising link on the HEXUS main page, or this link

Spamming by members

People who join up just to post commercial spam will find their posts deleted and their accounts locked as soon as we see these posts, and without any warning.

But HEXUS also reserves the right to delete any post or posts if we feel a member is spamming. We do not do this lightly, or any more than is necessary, but as there as a number of board features, like the SCAN2HEXUS free shipping offer, that require a minimum postcount, we WILL delete posts if we feel people are spamming just to achieve some postcount target.

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