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Thread: HALO does something quickly!

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    If the Pc version came out when the X Box version (2 yrs ago?) came out most pc's wouldn've died a horrible death ,most pc's couldn't run it, and arguably most still can't...what was the top spec 2 yrs ago on air cooled system... GF4 Ti4600,lol 512 SDRAM probs and a 2Ghz p4 or 2.0 pally...yep it can run the say 30-40 frames...and thats prob the preium spec 2 yrs ago....i guess....

    As 4 Halo i enjoyed it apart from the shameless repeat of prefabs.....the AI is what did it 4 me....fall back and shoot where they last saw u while running 4 cover.... the little grunts get moral bashed when 1 of the Elites die...gr8 stuff...all it need's now is a co-op: imagine the Flood areas at a lan with 12 ppl.....*drool* (Flood would get OWNEd )
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