Been a fan of MMO(RP)G's for a few years now (Ultima Online, Asheron's Call, Star Wars Galaxies) but while there's a lull while everyone waits for World of Warcraft I bought Spellforce on the recommendation from my girlfriend that "it looks fun"

It is fun!

Graphically stunning - at first glance it looks like the old isometric 3D style RPG, but the entire world is rendered in 3D so you can zoom the camera right in and view the action from all around.

Even the sound pans around the 5 main speakers - put the virtual camera inside a building being constructed by multiple peons and you can hear the clinks of the hammers all around you!
(Am I too easily impressed? Hehe.)

It's kind of a cross between Diablo (main quests & sub-quests), Warcraft (building bases) and Eye of the Beholder (you can have up to 5 "hero" characters along with your main), and I love it!

The only flaws in the game I found are the atrocious acting and spelling in the cutscenes and dialogue (and a couple of continuity errors), but the engine itself is fantastic.

Oh, and a coop mode like Dungeon Siege would have been nice - there is only PvP multiplayer mode.

Should keep me going till Far Cry arrives in the post this week