copied from my other thread.

Basically i am creatinga new club for fifa 12's 11v11.

read below
Hi all. seeing as fifa 12 will now have club mode ie 11v11. who is up for creating a club/clan?

I can lead the way as i have experience in running a previous club from fifa 9-11 on the ps3 version.

We need a minimum of 20 active players for this to work so right now just testing the waters and see who is interested.

why 20? because we need backups as the chances of all of us being online at the same time is impossible so the more we get the more likely that when you come on their will be a few of us online.

Put your name down your Steam name and your Origin name(ia ssume this will be a origin game?)

here is a few links to the previous club i ran

Here are some rules you must obey:

  • You cant play in the same position every time. we will rotate postions meaning you will sometimes even play as a GK or a defender
  • Do not use the skill feature on fifa. only use it when your sure you can pull it off
  • Do not hog the ball. PASS PASS PASS as soon as you recieve it(Go and watch just one game from barcelona to understand the concept)
  • Play as a team. This is a team game. no lone wolf crap please.

If any of the above rules are broken repeatedly you will be kicked out of the club.

If we can get 20+ active members here we can get this moving forward.

Cheers. i will start

forum name: Jonneymendoza
Steam : pinoy_soldier
Origin: (Yet to install it so will post my Origin name)

Players signed up so far:

  • jonneymendoza(Steam = "pinoy_soldier", Origin = "jon_da_kiss" )
  • DooMeR(Steam = "doomer666" , Origin = "DO0M3R" )
  • gazzamcg(Steam = "", Origin = "Jambo-ista" )
  • lemonade(Steam = "", Origin = "" )
  • umboma(Steam = "umboma", Origin = "mattyk80" )
  • nick5466(Steam = "nick5466", Origin = "nick5466" )
  • skylineboy(Steam = "s0802584", Origin = "" )
  • Sweey(Steam = "Sweey", Origin = "calcio_di_rigore" )
  • Skylineboy (Steam= "s0802584", Origin= "AlexH2089")
  • SoAdCrAzY(Steam= "soadcrazy", Origin= "SoAdCrAzY123")
  • Arthur Hucksake from AVF(Steam="Arthur Hucksake", Origin="Arthur-Hucksake ")
  • mufc802(Steam="Yateszy",Origin="Yateszy")
  • sincover from Evo Web(Steam="sincover", Origin="sincover")