Escape from Tarkov is an upcoming online first-person shooter survival video game, currently in development and published by Battlestate Games. A closed alpha of the game was first made available to select users, on 28 December 2016.

Players can choose to play as 1 of 3 factions available in the game, with the ultimate goal of gathering and extracting loot littered around the fictional city of Tarkov. It aims to include a realistic ballistics model, with gravity and materials that affect how a bullet will travel. The open world aspect is limited to individual areas, although players can organize raids across multiple maps. There is no HUD in-game, and players are forced to rely on visually inspecting a magazine for bullets or utilizing the inventory system, for example.

The game aims to have extensive weapon customization, whereby an entire weapon can be stripped and modified to the player's liking.

A skill tree is included, which grants the player various perks and skills.

Escape from Tarkov will be a traditional full purchase release, with no free-to-play nor microtransaction elements. There are plans to offer mod support on Steam after release. There are also plans for downloadable content in the future.

The closed beta will start in July 2017. All pre-orderers will get access to the game.


For a small amount of in game currency, players can insure weapons and equipment, increasing the chance of retaining it.

Loot and Economy

The closed beta will feature a new Merchant, new barter loot, medicines, and additional useful items for players to buy, sell, and trade. Economic balancing means items will be made available in marketplaces for barter and in loot drops based on their popularity and rarity within the economics system.


New weapon customization parts and ammunition types, along with the addition of the modern-classic MP5 submachine gun will offer players even more customizations, making thousands of weapon combos and upgrades possible.


There will be a total of four locations available to play: Customs, Woods, Factory, and Shoreline, all with different sizes and terrains. The Shoreline location will be newest and biggest map addition to the beta.

General Chat

Chat channels will be available to all players online in the game, allowing players to share useful information and group up for raids.

Escape from Tarkov takes players to a Russian city, sealed off from the outside world as chaotic warfare erupts on an urban battlefield. Players customize their weapons and learn skills, which degrade over time.

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I for one shall be pre-ordering! Game looks sick.