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Thread: Microsoft sets Xbox launch date

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    Microsoft sets Xbox launch date

    Microsoft has announced that its next generation Xbox 360 gaming console will be in US shops on 22 November.

    If it makes the release date Microsoft will be the first of the console makers to release a next generation gadget.

    Once launched in the US, the Xbox 360 is due to be in stores in Japan and Europe in early December. Up to 20 games will be ready at the launch.

    The move could give it an vital edge over rival Sony which plans to release its PlayStation 3 in spring 2006.
    Source BBC Website

    Looks like we will have to wait a bit longer for ours

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    I can give you a more accurate date.... but you'll have to click through to HEXUS.gaming to see it!

    Source: MS Press Release... Obviously the BBC guys haven't read it all the way through yet?
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    Woo... can't wait.

    Let 'em click through to find out! :Nick
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    The important note you should get out of it is that the XBOX is coming to Europe before it comes to Japan (not that it matters; it's only a few days).

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