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Thread: Quake 2 memories from Quake 4....

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    Quake 2 memories from Quake 4....

    After reading the Quake 4 preview (For the PC & X-Box 360), some old memories came up from the Fight against the Strogg in Quake 2.

    I didn’t really keep track of the story (There wasn’t much in-game text to read for that matter…) as I played through Quake 2 back in 1998, but I vaguely remember having to destroy “The Big Gun” that was supposed to be part of the planetary defense & so that the folks on the invasion ships could land safely.

    But was it like that? At what point of the game do you destroy the “Big Gun” & was it a large structure or something similar?
    I don’t remember any invasion ships landing in he end?
    Anybody who can enlighten me on this subject is more than welcomed.

    By the way… the final Boss freckle kicking dude named “Macron” (Quake 2), was he supposed to be the Strogg leader or an overgrown side kick?

    By the way, this couple doesn't look too happy... The outcome of a happy marriage?

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    You destroy the big gun in the level called "biggun"
    Type map biggun I think and do it for yourself
    And i dont know the exact q2 story but q4 follows on after you kill makron - not sure what he is / was but he was fun to kill!

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