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Thread: Gitaroo Man

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    Gitaroo Man

    Is there anybody else who can possibly love this game as much as I do? I bought it yesterday, sat down and completed it in 3 hours, which left me a little disappointed, but I hadn't gotten all of the A rankings and that made me think that at least there'd be a little bit of replayability in it.

    Boy, was I off the mark; finishing the game unlocks a "Master Mode" that is damnright impossible. There is a lot of replayability in it and Ihink it is actually currently a contender for my favourite game ever. I don't do this often, but I am going to urge anybody with a PS2 to get yourselves a copy, because it is FTW and reasonably cheap (About £16 in most places, cheaper second hand obviously.)

    Considering the number of games being released these days that are only hyped up because they have good graphics; games that last about 15 hours and then you never want to play them again, it's incredibly rare (for me at least) to find a game that's going to keep me entertained and make me want to play it so soon after I finished it, let alone a game that is really challenging.

    Has anybody else played this game and/or feel the same way that I do about it? Why is it that games like this don't get the hype that they bloody deserve?

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    I totally agree with you Pennycook, even though I have not actually played Gitaroo Man, I am ferociously addicted to a similar game on the ds.

    It's called "Osu, tatake, ouendan!" and is brought to us by the same people responsible for Gitaroo Man. I also completed the game fairly quickly, (a week or so) but its trying to get the A rankings as you previously mentioned which shows the games real challenges and lifespan.
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