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Thread: You want sun...

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    You want sun...

    i want snow... at least then ill stand less chance of being burnt...

    how it happened?

    Well like some of you (you know who you are) i WAS white as a ghost... and on the weekend i decided to go with my mate to the Drags...
    It was a very fun day... then i get home and mum says HOLY S#!+ you a frekin tomato....
    well since then i have barely been able to move my arms and legs without a mass of pain.... and you people complain about rain and snow... pfft

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    snow w/ sun is worse cause itll reflect back up at you
    I dont like sig pics so i turn off sigs Which doesnt help when i dont know what ive written here! DOH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
    snow w/ sun is worse cause itll reflect back up at you
    And when it refletc back up you know what get burned then ooohh errrr arrrgh... alright if you have someone to apply the after sun though

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