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Thread: A really long shot - Bjorn Lynn music from 20 odd years ago

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    A really long shot - Bjorn Lynn music from 20 odd years ago

    OK. There are long shots, REALLY long shots and then this... Way, way back when the Amiga was top banana and music tracker programs were the rage, CU Amiga (I'm sure it was CU Amiga) magazine included a track by Bjorn Lynn on the coverdisk. I've no idea what year or month this was but the track was really great and has stuck with me ever since. Unfortunately the coverdisk has long disappeared and I never found out the name of the particular piece of music so can anyone help me track it down?

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    Re: A really long shot - Bjorn Lynn music from 20 odd years ago

    Was it just a rip from one of his game music compositions?

    CU Amiga reviewed worms in Dec 1995, maybe could be wormsong?

    failing that, try contacting him: if anyone knows it will be him...
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    Re: A really long shot - Bjorn Lynn music from 20 odd years ago

    I'd be interested to find out which bit of music it is, just for noseyness sake really. I was a big fan of tracker music, seeing what people could come up with on reasonably limited hardware.

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