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Thread: Dad's Army Cast All Gone - End of an Era?

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    Dad's Army Cast All Gone - End of an Era?

    RIP Private Pike

    Has the UK moved on to where a sort British humour and character is no longer known by a new generation?

    The WW1/WW2 era has been fundamental as part of the British identity and character, along with a self-deprecating humour. Is there moment where that becomes no longer the case?

    Of course, change is nothing new. Pre WW1 and pre WW2 Britain looked different and changed through all those years and conflicts to create much of what many of us grew up with a 'fundamental'.

    But what will the defining characteristics of Britain be as the generations pass?
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    Re: Dad's Army Cast All Gone - End of an Era?

    "End of an Era" is exacly what I thought to myself when I saw the news article about this.

    As for the 'defining characteristic', I guess like most things, it's dynamic and will evolve .... or maybe 'mutate' is a better term. The UK doesn'yt have a lot of the characteristics common in my childhood, let alone the WW1/WW2 era, and my guess is that that it at least partly due to technology. I clearly remember the days where you couldn/'t even assume every household had a phone at all, never mind a mobile, which was still decades off at that point. Anyone else remember "party lines"? And no, there isn't booze and music involved - it's a line you sharded with another "party", like a neighbour. If they're on the phone, you can't use yours and anyone calling you will get an engaged tone. Compare that to today where pretty much any child (it seems) from about 4 up, has a phone. That alone means their experiences growing up are going t be hugely different to mine, and not always for the better, either.

    To be honest, and I say this as a huge fan of technology in so many ways .... I'm glad to be of an age where I don't expect to last that much longer. Sure, technology is getting smaller, fast and vastly more powerful yearly, if not monthly, but it's also getting more invasive, intrusive and IMHO, offensive, at the same time. I feel I kinda got the best of both worlds - benefitting from a lot of what it enabled us (the common people) to do, without the insidious nature of what it enabled a lot of big companies (and yes, I mean the obvious ones but a LOT of others, beyond the obvious few candidates like Google, Facebook, Apple, MS, etc) to do TO us.

    It's beginning to look a lot like George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Margaret Atwood, Ray Bradbury, Anthony Burgess, Suzanne Collins, William Golding, Koushun Takami and many more, were right in so many ways, if wrong (especially Orwell) about the date.

    Have a nice day.
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