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    Had To Happen

    Something mad happened to my computer. After a reboot got a BSOD saying something about closing Antivirus etc, and an error to do with ntfs.sys. Could I load Windows? Nope. Not even recovery console, not even able to reinstall it, this blasted message came up every time when it scanned one of my hard disks (amazingly an all reliable IBM cough cough)

    OK, calm. Lots of stuff on there which I can access if I could load something. Good Old Linux. Nope wouldn't even mount the partitions! It just sat there waiting for Christmas.

    In desperation I used Drive Image and copied the most critical partition out of 3 onto my Maxtor. Blew the rest away by low level format.

    Installed XP on the Maxtor after fiddling with partitions, cos that had stuff on there. Anyways managed to restor what I wanted from the Drive Image Back up. I was an idiot not to back the other two up just in case.

    So I am a bit upset and naffed off.

    Guess we all have had our computer blues. Today is mine. I thank you. BTW it took about a day for me to sift through and try every possibility.

    I need a DVD writer ....

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    Eek! I have never backed this PC up ever! Hopefully it can last out a bit longer tho till i get a DvD writer on my laptop in a month

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