Hey guys.

In about 3 weeks or so im getting a load of money and at that time i am getting the XCT Laptop from rock. as well as updating my current desktop pc.
Now in my room i have a desk and on that desk is all kinds of rubbish. I even write cheats for games on the table now rather than use paper i hate it that much. I sorely need a new desk but dont know what to get.

It would need to be able to hold a 32" widescreen tv (heavy) as well as my monitor and my desktop pc (i like it to sit on the desk beside me( becuase it has pretty lights and also cause i like to be able to keep an eye on it. Also room for the laptop would be great but not essential.
So have u guys got any ideas? I dont want to spend loads but would spend a fair bit. And it cant take up too much room. A corner desk with a long end so the tv could go in corner and computer at the long side would be great.

Ive never had to shop for a computer desk before and wouldnt know where to start so any help would be appreciated!

Thanx Guys