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    Microsoft professional

    Im quite intrested in getting this extra qualification. However is there a general one or are they all specific, eg is there not just one for a guy who goes round fixing peopls computers or what?

    I look on the website and they all seemed specific, uless i was looking at the wrong thing lol

    Has anyone done one here and are they hard?

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    I assume you are talking about the MCP/MCSA/MCSE exams? If so, well yes they are tricky, and you have to know Windows mostly inside out, although you can get away with reading the books, but get used to the exam questions and read/answer them the way THEY want.

    If you just fix PC's, you need to know a heck of a lot more detail than what is a CPU etc. It goes into detail how to set Windows up properly (LOL!). The advanced stuff goes into networking, ie DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, Security etc.

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    the new exams for 2003 are fairly tough - they cover stuff in much more depth than previous (nt4/2000) MCSE/MCSA exams. I'm just doing my MCSA:Exchange exams right now, and they're fairly hard - but because I'm upgrading - I have to sit two fewer exams.
    You'll find you're looking at a good £1000 after purchasing the textbooks and sitting the actual exams.
    I'm doing my exams through pearsonvue, and their website helped me find a testing centre just down the road which is fairly handy!

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