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Thread: favourite album ish

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    Re: favourite album ish

    I have to go with any of the first three Sonata Arctica albums, in order of (my) preference these are:

    Winterheart's Guild

    but they are all wonderfully inspiring and totally OTT power metal. You have to smile, sing along and play air guitar to them.

    I would also recommend (for the metallists):

    Paradise Lost - In Requiem.

    Paradise Lost have languished in the wilderness long enough. In Requiem is an absolutely brilliant album and, although it's more death metal than thrash, it rivals Metallica at their best. Follow my link and listen to some. All tracks on In Requiem are superb, but I think Unreachable.mp3 is probably illustrative.

    BTW. Thanks Knoxville. I hadn't heard Iron Maidens, but now I am in love. I think taking them all out for a few Belgian beers and then home to bed would be my perfect day.

    (Thanks Evilmunky)
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    Re: favourite album ish

    Quote Originally Posted by menthel View Post
    Anything by Mogwai, but mainly Come On Die Young. Cmon teh GWAI!@!!!!!@!1
    Most of Mogwai's stuff is worth a listen, but my personal favourite would have to be Tweez by Slint (although most Slint fans tend to prefer Spiderland...) pre-empted Mogwai et-al by a good 7 or 8 years

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