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Thread: laptop graphics

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    laptop graphics

    Hey guys.

    <gloat>I'm very lucky in that i have a hot malaysian girlfriend and thus we visit malaysia alot allowing me to buy expensive hardware for el cheapo (dell 24"'s for £199 anyone?). I'm now in the market or a Laptop</gloat>.

    I have chosen 2 brands that i like, Asus and Lenovo. My friend at university got a lenovo laptop with an ATI x1300 graphics card, this proved to e a major boost as he was the only one of my friends with a laptop i could take on at C&C3.

    Unforunately it seems that Lenovo haven't updated their line of laptops with mobile graphic solutions, so i'm really looking at an ASUS laptop. Now i don't want a full gaming rig (though the G2S looks really good for it's price), but i want to be able to play a game or two when i'm out on the move which can't seem to be done with the intel graphic chips.

    What graphic cards for laptops should i be looking at? how does the Nvidia 8400 compare to ATI and other Nvidia products?

    cheers guys

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    The 8400M has performance somewhat equal to the 7400M, but it has DX10 support. The 8400M does outperform a Mobility X1300, but not by too much.
    If you are looking to game, I would recommend you get at least a 7600M or 8500M from nVidia, which would be equal to a Mobility X1600 or Mobility HD2600 from ATI.
    Note that the new mobility series (with the exception of the 8800) does not perform that much better compared with the previous mobility series, but they are more futureproof as they offer DX10 support.

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    The 8400 out performs the 7400 quite considerably in 3Dmark06 so it should be good for gaming on...certainly its better than the x1300

    What kind of laptop are you after? I've just ordered the Dell XPS M1330 which is 13.3" with 2.2Ghz C2D, 2gb RAM and the 8400gs.. its certainly the best laptop in its class.

    Asus support is terrible so i'd never recommend them.

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    Re: laptop graphics

    I would recommend a's dx10 compliant and it's way faster than the x1600s

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