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Thread: Background Pattern on CRTs Normal?

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    Background Pattern on CRTs Normal?


    I've only ever owned three CRTs and they came with prebuilt DELLs over a 9 year period. They were all 19inches and looked quite sharp. Now I've recently bought a new 19inch CRT from ViewSonic called the 'E96f+SB', but there's a graphics querk that looks annoyingly normal. Could it be called a 'moire' pattern? I've tried to create it in MSPaint below but please note, It's exaggerated. Imagine the pattern 50% more faded and 50% more tiny. It covers the entire screen which is why it seems normal, but I've created it in top left of pic only.

    It's like a microscopic checkered pattern, but noticeable on shortcut icons, gray edges of windows and text being slightly broken. It's like scanlines for the vertical and horizontal. A very subtle thing.
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    Re: Background Pattern on CRTs Normal?

    I think you can tune this out in the monitor setup menu. I can't remember exactly what it is called, but moire does sound about right.

    See Wikipedia:

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    Re: Background Pattern on CRTs Normal?

    There is a menu option to reduce moire but it seems to blur the entire screen. My 9 year old monitors never had this problem, and they weren't blurred. I just don't know what to think.

    It's like moire (or something else) was invented in the last 4-5 years to annoy me, or if not, I must have had very good DELL monitors!
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    Re: Background Pattern on CRTs Normal?

    Apart from the moire settings (which often have limited effect), you can try running the screen in a different resolution or refresh rate, or adjust the vertical/horizontal size. These will have a greater effect on CRT moire and you might find a setting that is less noticeable.

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