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Thread: Leadtek FX5900XT vs. Leadtek FX5900LX ???

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    Leadtek FX5900XT vs. Leadtek FX5900LX ???

    Leadtek WinFast FX5900XT A350 TDH ( vs. WinFast A350 TDH LX (

    Apart from the XT version lacking the massive twin-fan setup, and thus being easier to fit into my Shuttle, can anyone shed any light on the actual differences between these two cards?

    I think the LX comes clocked at 300/700, but overclocks like a good-'un, whereas the XT has a standard core clock of 390 according to the Leadtek site, and I can't find any info about the standard mem clock.

    Pricewise there's only a few quid in it... any advice?

    (Please don't recommend I get a 9800 instead - I run linux, and ATI's drivers suck...
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    arrg just read the bottom bit :-( i think ur summary of the 2 cards answers ur question, without the double fan cooling the XT is ideal for the shuttle and it being higher default clocks means u dont have to overclock much and that is hard in a shuttle environment anyway.

    XT one

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