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Thread: GeForce 7300GT - is it a capture card?

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    Question GeForce 7300GT - can it be used as capture card?

    Hi Guys,

    i own GeForce 7300GT DDR2 PCIe Graphics card for my Gaming passion. Can any one kindly clarify my doubt whether the same graphics card can be used for viewing Television in the PC and record the programs. I have set top box connection from which i can change channels.

    thanks in advance.
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    Re: GeForce 7300GT - is it a capture card?

    unless it has an aerial input i doubt very much u can use it for tv... what you would need is a tuner... u can get usb ones for about 20 quid which r digitial and therefore you wouldn't need the set top box or if u wanted to the set top box you would need an analog one

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    Re: GeForce 7300GT - is it a capture card?

    If you have an external tuner, you will be thinking of VIVO (Video In Video Out). Some cards have it, others don't - you need to check yours. There is no way we can tell you without knowing more sadly.

    Having said that, its a long winded route to do it anyway - as above, get a tuner. Its a lot easier
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