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Thread: More Gainward 6800 News

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    More Gainward 6800 News

    Hi guys

    I contacted Gainward a little while back to ask about their 6800 GT 'golden sample' line and this is what they have said ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gainward Support
    I have not seen the product yet - I need [to wait] for Taiwan to come back to me with a product specification. [This] probably will take at least another 4 weeks.
    Please bare with us!
    Here's hoping that's an overestimation!

    Kind Regards

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    Was that the UK or US office

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    Hi David

    That was sent via the European office ( Other things I've read would seem to indicate an earlier release, but whether it's because it's a 'golden sample' card or not I don't know.

    Kind Regards

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