Hi guys

Okay, take the following with a pinch of salt

As we all know, nVidia's 6800 cards aren't here yet, and it seems like they'll be arriving some time around early-mid June. By this time, nVidia's latest 61.xx drivers should be ready, and DirectX 9.0c should be due for release.

What's interesting is, whilst trawling for bits of 6800 news, I happened across an interesting article that stated Activision's England division have confirmed a release date for Doom 3 (both for Europe and the US): June 14, 2004. I haven't been able to verify this as yet, but a couple of US retailers have aligned their release dates to the 15th.

Could there be a chance of a tie in between mass 6800 availability and Doom 3's release? A bundle of the two was rumoured a few months back, and a friend in the hardware industry received his review sample of the NV40 complete with Doom 3 stickers for the box and such.

It's no doubt just wishful thinking (in fact I'm almost certain it is) but we can hope

Kind Regards