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Thread: Msi 6800gt

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    Msi 6800gt

    Anyone have this card?

    I RMA'ed my gainward 6800GT, and the only replacement card komplett can give me in time before I go away is the MSI6800GT. I was just wondering if anyone had this card and what do they think of it? pictures would be nice too if anyone has any.

    I will most likely sell it to be honest and go for the Galaxy Glacier 6800GT. Unless it overclocks stupidly .

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    The MSI is meant to be a very good card. Excellent bundle with it too

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    Thanks, thats reassuring, I remember that my MSI5900 was a very good card physically, clocked way past ultra speeds. Obviously the FX series was lacking in other departments.

    As long as I can get 400/1100 I'll be happy. I wanted to go for the Galaxy Glacier, but they wouldnt let me have a refund.

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