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Thread: Samsung SyncMaster 213T

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    Samsung SyncMaster 213T

    Does anyone use this monitor?

    If so how do you find it, alternatively if you use a similar TFT monitor that I can use for both games and surfing at 1600x1200 then please your advice would be welcome. I not too much of a Doom 3 type of gamer, but I will be playing EQ2 / Wow - can i expect any problems with 'ghosting' with these types of monitors?

    I would be using the monitor alongside my 17" hyundai Q17, I intend upgrading my graphics card at the same time prob to something like a 6800 GT.

    Any advice and comments would be welcome

    Cheers Paul

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    I dont imagine ghosting would be a major issue in leisurely-paced games like EQ2 and Wow. It's FPS/DVDs that tend to be more problematic.

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    I had one of these a few months back, and foudn that image quality is superb and its a lovely looking TFT (Sleek and thin bezel).
    It does ghost, but not majorly (unless your a major FPS person).
    Oh and the 21.3 screen size is noticably bigger than a 20 inch screen.
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