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Thread: Graphics Choice

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    Question Graphics Choice

    So my graphics card is having some major trouble, its a 7870 Black Edition by XFX. I've been real fond of it, and never really had any problem with it, until now. When I turn on my computer, it takes 3 or so minutes before it manages to boot windows and get a connection to my displayport monitor. I have had it say a few times that the radeon driver had troubles starting and inside Device Manager it said it wasnt running quite right.
    + I have experienced coil whine from it, but only when it was running worst
    So now im getting rid of it and getting an upgrade!
    So I have been searching and reasearching through my local distributors, komplett, proshop and so on (i live in Scandinavia).
    And the ones that catched my eye were
    the R9 280X Toxic Edition by SapphireTech
    And GTX 770 ACX SC by EVGA

    They cost within a 1 dollar range of each other, so thats not a factor. It's just plain old Radeon/Nvidia.

    Hope you can guide me, + I would like to hear experiences with both

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    Re: Graphics Choice

    Tough choice here's some comparative benchmarks between GTX770 and 280X

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    Re: Graphics Choice

    I would go with the GTX 770 ACX SC by EVGA, this is because Nvidia graphics cards mainly because of Physx helps my gaming out on my Nvidia card, and I prefer Nvidia cards for what i do, for gaming i would say buy the Nvidia one but really it is up to you, try finding some benchmarks somewhere of both graphics cards for different uses such as gaming.

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