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Thread: AMD Project FreeSync FAQ

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    Re: AMD Project FreeSync FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by Warsam71 View Post
    Hello Kalniel

    I appreciate your prompt response and will make sure not to bother you again in regards to collecting feedback about the site. Thank you kindly.
    I don't mind you asking for feedback - that's always good - but bug hunting should be done on a development site, not the public one. The issues point at some flaw in the way you are creating webpages, which is at odds with the corporate image your site tries to project. If you were to stop that, and project a more enthusiast or even hobbiest orientated image then such flaws would be more acceptable. But if you're going down the corporate route (Solutions we enable! Innovations we pioneer!) then your software practises should be up to the same quality too, or people may question the quality of your products.

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