HI my friends this is my first post and i have find a big difficulty to setup the below:
I own a prolink fx5700 256 mb vivo with supporting 2 monitors at the same time
I have two TFT LG L1915S MONITORS
I worked perfect with windowsxp while using windows and all other stuff except movies and games!!!!!
I installed the drivers from cd and I choose through nvidia menu and I manage to work the 2 monitors as an a expand of the first as clone as dual view with everything except movies and games
When I select expand view through nvidia menu and start up media player or power dvd i cant see the movie in both monithors ... i can see only the half and the other half in the second monitor is blank !!! i change some settings but i manage only to see half of the movie view in the 1 st montitor and all the view in the second... I just want to see the movie as played in a video wall in my two monitors beginning from the 1st and ending in the 2nd monitor.
Please if anyone knows help me...