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Thread: ASUS Extreme AX800 XT PE/2DHTV

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    ASUS Extreme AX800 XT PE/2DHTV

    It's hard to recommend any graphics card that costs more than a reasonable PC. £430 is an awful lot of money to be spending on a present card when a refresh is just around the corner. In that case, as comprehensive as it is, ASUS' AX800 XP PE/2DHTV package is simply too expensive to be considered by all but the very well-off enthusiast. Performance freaks should look towards SLI'ing a couple of 6800 GT cards, and for the rest, I'd recommend obtaining and overclocking the cheapest X800 XT you could lay your hands. The money you save will be better spent elsewhere.
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    Hmm.... As I read that, I wondered arnt x850's coming out soon, and what would be the clock speeds on those?

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