My PC is based on an Asus Rampage VI Extreme Omega, which is an x299 motherboard which is PCIe 3.0, but I notice that modern cards such as the RTX3090 are PCIe 4.0 - I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card to a 3090/3080ti and I'm wondering which would be the best fit for this motherboard? AFIK the RTX30 series cards are at the lowerend of the PCIe4.0 bamndwidth, closer to the top of 3.0 spec, but the motherboard I have will cause a slight bottleneck, and I'm wondering which of these two cards would be best at mitigating it? I think the 3090 with it's slightly slower clock speeds but larger VRAM would be best for this but I wanted to check that before taking the plunge.