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Thread: rtx 3060 TI or a 3070?

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    Re: rtx 3060 TI or a 3070?

    You must think at some point more people will just walk away from pc gaming if you can't get a reasonable graphics card for less than the price of a new console. I know the PS5 and Xbox X are not full 4k all the time but it just doesn't make sense to me anymore. I used to be a gaming snob, pc games were cheaper, controllers were trash compared to kb+m, look how great svga is compared to PAL, but I couldn't justify any of that given most games are designed for controllers and everything else has caught up at the price point.

    If supply does bounce back and crypto does become impractical, we could see warehouses full of unsold GPUs and eBay full of burnt out cards. Or maybe just wishful thinking...

    Will wait for something for £200 with double the performance of my current card unless I'm forced to spend due to failure.

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    Re: rtx 3060 TI or a 3070?

    Quote Originally Posted by DanceswithUnix View Post
    Crypto values are dropping at the same time that energy prices are rising, making GPU mining less attractive. Etherium is increasingly mined by more energy efficient ASIC miners so the overall hash rate is still going up, and that again makes GPU mining less profitable. I still have no confidence in the devs in charge of Etherium to swap to proof of stake any time soon, but that is looming and should put some people off. So yeah, GPU prices are dropping and availability... well you can actually buy cards now.

    If it wasn't for the silicon supply issues, I suspect we would be OK by now. I suspect factories are stockpiling cards for the next gen release by now, which will support the high price of existing cards.

    I think it will be some time before GPUs come down to the prices we remember, simply because the market is now used to this high price and I can't see a price war happening soon. But I think we are over the worst at this point, and if Eth moves to proof of stake then I don't see things slipping back.
    Agreed on all of that, including current trends on crypto. If I had to guess, I'd say card prices will continue to trend down, though fairly slowly.

    My bet is that with mining demand having, at least for now, rather dissipated, we find there is still a backlog of pent-up gamer demand. But it's going to be .... stratified.

    There will be those for whom price is not a huge issue, but simply getting a card at all is. They'll buy straight away.

    Then there'll be a tier that want prices a bit better than the peak, but are too keen to wait until demand backlog is fully satiated. They'll buy when prices drop enough, but won't wait indefinately.

    And there'll be a tier who either hav a budget locked in simply by circumstances and available funds, or who could pay more but won't out of principle. They'll buy when they can get what they want at a price they can afford, or when the bang/buck ratio reachs a level they find acceptable.

    There may also be a group for whom budget is fixed and would have bought but for cards being like rocking horse droppings, but now that supply has eased, are waiting for prices to drop more, hoping that that fixed budget lets them go a level or two higher in card spec than they would have been able to.

    Normally, I'd probably be in that latter group, setting a price level I'm willing to go to for a card that is largely about gaming (thouh for me, rendering too) and buying if/when I see acceptable bang/buck. Right now, though, once I finally get to decision point, it's more just about getting on with it than the final price.

    My concern is that while I agree that everything you said is what I expect to happen, re: crypto etc, I don't know what actually will happen, and my expectations could be upset by unanticipated events.

    It's the 'bird in the hand' thing.

    I expect I'd probably get a better deal by being patient, but ultimately, who knows?
    A lesson learned from PeterB about dignity in adversity, so Peter, In Memorium, "Onwards and Upwards".

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