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Thread: 17" LCD Monitor Choice - Advice Please

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    17" LCD Monitor Choice - Advice Please

    Basically, I currently have the monitor in my sig (link:

    My Dad wants a 17" LCD now also, and considers my monitor to be good. While the one I have is "okay" the contrast ratio (350:1) leaves something to be desired.

    So I thought he could buy a monitor that I could have, since there are excellent ones out now.

    The famed Hyundai L72D+ ( 700:1 , 8ms seems a top choice:

    However, I wanted to ask whether this: Iiyama E430S uses the same panel, as it has the same specs:
    AND It is available in a better finish (for me) and a bit cheaper.

    Has anyone tried the Iiyama; is it recommended?

    Any other options? (I don't think much of BenQ btw)
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    I have a Hyundai and IMO they are superb monitors, recommended them to everyone I know and no-ones ever complained.

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