Okay, I've got some cash that I JUST HAVE TO SPEND...I've got a Iiyama 514, which suits me down to the ground, apart from the real estate I've had to invest in so it fits on my desk (I actually had knock down a bathroom just so I can use the thing).

Anyway, I've got about £1500 to spend, and I'm thinking a dual 20" set up, and a new GFX card to compliment it. I've got a 9800XT, which would do the trick for dual - with a VGA and DVI - but I want to do the job right, so want to grab a dual DVI.

I haven't done any research in GFX cards since I bought my rig a while back, nor have I looked at TFTs for a while, so could I beg and plead for some insight into the market. Last I heard there was a good 20.1" Iiyama, and the NEC/Mitsubishi 20.1" was okay too....

Any suggestions?

And about the card...does the dual DVI have any effect on the card I can choose? I'd like to get good value for money, and since getting the 9800XT I'm loathe to fork out for bleeding edge, rather get a lower end top range card and avoid as much of the premium as possible.