As you can see from my sig, the graphics card in the 'family' pc lets it down alot.
- This is becuase when i built it, it was built with the 9600pro in it, but then when the card in my PC died, i pinched the 9600 for myself, becuase i need it to run my twin screen setup

- But his was only suppost to be a tempary solution, and i keep meaning to get another card.

So basical, i have two options:
- Option one, get another twin output card for my pc, and put the 9600 back
- Option two, i keep the 9600, and get shiny new gaming card for the other pc

Just wondering what you guys think?
- Is it worth geting a new card for the other pc, which is used s fair bit for games, or is anythink more than the 9600 a waste?
- All im using my PC for is surfing the web, and playing UT, (maybe a little NFSu)