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Thread: Low profile graphics card.

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    Low profile graphics card.


    I am looking for a low profile graphics card for the Aopen MZ855-II.

    I wondered if anyone had used the XFX Geforce 6200A series, I was looking at the 256MB range but the only reviews I can find are from ebuyer customers and a couple have had problems. Graphics is not a major concern to me, just would like to be able to play the odd game so I might go for the 128MB range. What would be the difference in games that I would be able to run beween these two?

    Also has anybody used as they seem to have a very good price on the 256MB version.

    Thanks for any help

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    To be honest, you will not see a huge difference between the 128 & 256Mb versions. The core architecture will limit the performance more than anything.

    Having said that however, some games autodetect feature is dependant upon the memory size (e.g. Rome Total War). It would open up more high quality options to you, put the performance would probably be lousy when using them.

    If it were me, I'd go for the 128Mb, unless the price difference was negligible.

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    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for not replying earlier but the offer at OCUK fell through

    Anyway, now am looking at the updated mz915-M version, and before starting a new thread I wonder if you would know if it can run a Pentium M 400MHz FSB CPU or does it have to be 533MHz.

    Thanks again,

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    yes, tell em if you have used video card shop, there prices seem good

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