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Thread: 7600GT owners

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    7600GT owners

    Right not sure if i'm going mad here.

    Picked up a 7600GT, installed coolbits and overclocked the card. Nvidia's driver overclocking app was showing 634/816 rather than 634/1632 is this normal? I'm sure that it used to show the effective memory speeds?

    I then installed ATI tool which showed the RAM at stock a 350/700 and Rivatuner shows it as 700 rather than 1400mhz (can't see the option to show the effective clock speed)

    So can any other 7600GT owners set my mind at rest?

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    2d speeds mate.. I would have guessed that the 7600GT throttles down to 700MHz (1400MHz effective) during 2D..

    Coolbits shows 3D speeds at 816mhz..
    Me want Ultrabook

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