About a year ago i gained a SM940T (although i planed to buy a 930BF, long story) and now that my next years loans just come though, im looking at buying a second screen to match.
- Without sounding too shallow, it is quite important to me that they do match.

Ive found a couple of places selling it for around the £250 mark (ebuyer/ccl/Oyyy)
- Which is about what it cost a year ago...

However, ive noticed the 940B and the newer 940BF are retailing at around £200 (£50 less) and claiming better stats?
- Which sounds very attractive (ebuyer/pixmainia)
- Especially as the 940t does struggle a little in fast games. (although, the colour is far better for day-to-day use, which is what its mainly used for)

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?