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Thread: belkin wireless card

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    Question belkin wireless card

    hi, i have 2 desktop computers and 1 laptop my problem is that while i can use the net on my 2 dtops my lap top wont connect it asks for a 40 bit or a10bit wep password when i put in my wireless notebook card,i dont use wep i use wap ,and when i put in the wap pasword it comes up with a warning box telling me that i have to use a wep 40bits or 10bits encryption password,will i haveto swap it for a usb adapter the same that im using on my other computer,thanks bren

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    WAP? WPA?

    We've got some Belkin cards here at work (F5D7010 v3) and they are truely and honestly the worst hardware I've ever used. After 3 months, the laptops they're used in (a variety of different platforms and PCMCIA controllers) all sporadically return the same result - "not enough resources for device to start" or something to that effect.

    We've just given up on them, and now use Sweex USB ones (equally cheap, but they do actually work). Only problem for us is that if you use a USB one, they have to be configured each time you connect it to a different USB port - not much of an issue at home, but annoying at work with 40+ laptops for the kids to setup.

    Not much of an answer, sorry - more a shout and a scream at Belkin

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