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Thread: BT phone line/house moving

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    BT phone line/house moving

    Hey guys, sort of a strange pseudo technical question:

    We've been moving our BT phone number with us for the past couple of moves. Over the past ten years it's moved with us about 4 times. Right now we're living in a rented flat and the number is active here. Now we're moving out of the country- so obviously we can't talk the number with us. But we do own another flat which was rented before but is now empty- we want to move the number to this flat and let the future tenant there use it if he wants. However, I obviously don't want to be responsible for the bill that the tenant runs up on this number. So my question is: if I do move the number to the property and subsequently let it- am I still responsible for the bill because the number is mine so to speak, or will the tenant still be responsible as he is now because he is the occupier?


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    I would suggest the best answer to this question would be from BT, and if you do go through with it, get them to put in writing exactly what your responsibilities would be, so they can't change their mind.

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    well you'll be responsible up until the tenant occupies the flat, then it depends on how you word it in your tenancy agreement. When someone does move in, you'll have to discuss it with them. The best option would be for them to phone BT up, get the account on their name but still keep the same number - that would make sure you wouldn't be responsible for the bill, but you also lose control of the number.

    The other option would be to keep the account in your name but specify in your tenancy agreement that they would have to pay that bill. Not 100% that there wouldn't be some kind of a loophole, but if the tenant isn't a total ass, it should be alright

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