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Thread: aquagate alc-uo1

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    aquagate alc-uo1

    hi all,a newbi ere!! need a little help,ive just installed the above cooling unit,but on power on,all the unit does is flash and alarm,i can set the temp settings etc,but it just doesnt stop alarming,ive topped the water level up several times and its now full,checked the water level float,and the x20 block to cpu seal,all seems ok but the user manual doesnt give much info on anything like this,has anyone got any ideas,the cpu level indicator on the lcd doesnt indicate anything,as if its not sensing it,but i was told it senses the temp via the water temp.


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    Welcome to Hexus , I don't use water cooling myself but I am sure that you will find a solution to your problem here. You may be better posting your existing problem in 'hardstuff or 'help' as it will get better coverage. cheers

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    I think I remember reading a review of that cooling kit that said the reviewer had the same problem and in the end had to disable the alarm/sensor somehow, as it wouldn't stop beeping for no reason..

    Might be worth emailing the manufacturer? I had a slight problem with my thermaltake water cooling kit and they were very helpful, quick to reply as well

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