Hi, I'm running Vista x64, had to reinstall everything because for some reason my BITS service had disappeared from the services list and USB ports seemed to have been snaffoed by the inf cache being corrupted.

Anyway couldn't find info to fix or fix them so reinstalled. All OK ran windows updates and all OK except for nic driver (GA-P35-DS4 board).

Manually installed the driver, got crashes so rolled back.

Ran Windows Update and got the above error, off to Google gave results mostly for active directory, found a few posts saying:


0xc80003fA = hrReadVerifyFailure
Translation: May not be able to write to the Softwaredistribution folder.

1. Click Start,Run, Type Services.msc
Press OK
Locate the "Automatic Update" (Service) and STOP the service.

2. Rename the "SoftwareDistribution" folder which is located in the Windows folder or
WINNT folder

3. Restart the Automatic Update service
Click Start,Run, Type Services.msc
Press OK
Locate "Automatic Update" and START the service.

4. Under Internet Explorer, clear the Cache, by selecting Tools from the file menu,
then Internet Options. In "Temporary Internet Files" section, click "Delete Cookies",
now click "Delete Files", now click "Delete all offline content" click OK.
In the "History" section, click "Clear History", click "OK".


Anyway's I couldn't rename this folder. but could unchecked the 'read only' box which was checked. Ran WindowsUpdate and it worked!

Checked on my 32-bit machine that the folder should be read only, but this seemed to allow WindowsUpdate to work.